Immunology Imaging Core

The Division of Immunology’s Imaging Core Facility welcomes users from Harvard Medical School and affiliated institutions.

The facility currently operates:
(1) Olympus Fluoview FV1000 Laser Scanning Microscope 6 source lasers, 3 PMTs with an optional 4th bright field channel
(2) Nikon Ti-E Eclipse Microscope Multiple cameras for fluorescence and brightfield imaging
(3) Olympus FV3000 Laser Scanning Microscope 6 source lasers, 4 Multi-alkali PMTs with an optional 5th bright field channel.

The microscopes are independently operated by the users, after training by Harsha Radhakrishnan.

All enquiries concerning (i) training and (ii) calendar access for scheduling (PPMS),send an email to ImmDivImaging@hms.harvard.edu